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Cell Phone Repair Rowlett, TX

Across from Panda Express & Texas Health on Route 66 in Rowlett and Next to Old Subway & Napolis Italian Resturant.

Screen Repair Near Rowlett

New Design’s, improved technologies and more features on your Cell Phone screen have made Cell Phone Screen most important part of Phones. Due to an accidental drop you can crack your phone screen. Therefore, broken phone screen limits the functionality of your smartphone. Also, shattered Screen can give you finger cuts while using your damaged phone. In Addition, bleeding LCD or damaged LCD makes your iPhone not work. As a result, if your find yourself with cell Phone which has Broken, Cracked or shattered Screen. You can stop by at our local same day cell phone repair shop for Screen Replacement without breaking your bank.We specialize in repairing iPhone,iPad,Samsung,LG,Tablet & Computer damaged Screens and Bringing your mobile devices back to life. Furthermore, we repair iPhone Broken Screens, Cracked Screens or damaged LCD’s for Affordable and Cheap Prices.

Cell Phone Repair Shop located in Rowlett, TX

Find us at near the 3358 Lakeview Pkwy, Rowlett TX, 75088. It’s intersection of Route 66 (Lakeview Parkway) & Rowlett Rd. Around the corner from the CVS Pharmacy if coming from Rockwall on Route 66, make a left when you see Panda Express and Texas Health Emergency. If coming from the east, travel on Route 66 (Lakeview Parkway) make a right by Napoli Italian Restaurant and Subway Restaurant.

Why Wireless Place Rowlett, TX Cell Phone Repair & Computer Fix Repair Shop?

First of all at Wireless Place Rowlett, TX, we are well trained and equipped to take care of all of your Cell Phone Repair needs. Let it be, iPhone Repair, Tablet Repair, iPad Repair, or any other Smart Phone Repair. You can bring your device to our Rowlett, TX location and we will have you connected with your device in timely manner. In addition, we have reasonable and affordable prices. Furthermore, our technicians can quickly diagnose any issues with your Phone and repair them as fast as possible. Some issues such as charging ports, batteries, Mic’s, Speakers or Software issues. Above all we focus on customers, we serve. Let it be cost of repair, professional opinion on devices, or free diagnosis. Our service and products have great warranty. Most noteworthy we take pride in our best and most competitive prices. Also, we have reliable and fast repairs. To top everything off , we have great excellent and trusted customer service.

Local/Same Day Cell Phone Repair Shop

Most of our Phone Repairs are Local Repairs done at our location 3358 Lakeview Parkway Rowlett, TX 75088 and are Same Day Repairs.We offer exceptional service with affordable prices, quick turn around time and great warranty.We offer price match policy;hence, we have most competitive prices in cell phone repair industry. and we offer  90 days warranty. At our Cell Phone Repair Shop in Rowlett. we provide solutions for mobile and electronic devices in Rowlett and surrounding areas. When you come to us, our expert technicians have extensive experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair your devices promptly. We specialize in smartphones. However we also provide services for tablet repairs, laptop repairs, software issues, unlocking of mobile devices, and data recovery, etc. Above all We love, what we do that is reason we have low prices, reliable repairs and quick turn around time.


Quick, Reliable & Affordable Same Day Local Repairs With  60 Day Warranty.

iPhone Repair in Rowlett 


iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Near Rowlett

Our Cracked/Broken Screen Repairs are fast, reliable and affordable. We offer 60 days warranty on our repairs. Most Cracked Screen/ Broken Glass can be repaired in 40 minutes while you wait in store or run some errands. Incase, you nee iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Near Rowlett or iPhone Broken Glass Repair Near Rowlett. Visit our location in Rowlett.

iPhone LCD & Digitizer Replacement Near Rowlett

If you have lines coming horizontal or vertical on your iPhone Screen, black spots, dead pixels on display or your device won’t respond to your touch. You need LCD/Digitizer replacement on your iPhone. At our iPhone Repair Shop, we can have fully functional iPhone back in your hands within 40 minutes. For LCD/Digitizer Replacement near you call us.

iPhone Battery Replacement Near Rowlett

Battery Replacement is needed if your iPhone is not holding Charge, iPhone battery is dying quickly, iPhone taking long time to charge, charging quickly and dying quickly. For iPhone Battery Replacement service near you contact us and we will have your iPhone Battery Replaced in no time.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Near Rowlett

Water Damage repair is more common than you might think. If you have accidently dropped your iPhone in pool, spilled water or other liquids on your iPhone, got your iPhone wet in rain, you might need iPhone Water Damage Repair. Rice might help absorbing water from outside, but won’t clean inside corrosion on logic board. For affordable and professional iPhone Water Damage Repair near you contact us.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement Near Rowlett

If your iPhone not charging or connecting with computer the way it should. You have to hold iPhone in certain angel to charge or it’s taking too long to charge your iPhone. Tired of replacing charging cables? For iPhone Charging Port Repair near you call us.

iPhone Camera Replacement Near Rowlett

Do you have dysfunctional iPhone Camera that takes Blurry or No Pictures. iPhone Camera doesn’t zoom in or shows black screen. You don’t have to miss any more memories or moments you want to capture. For iPhone Front or Rear iPhone Camera Replacement Service near you contact us.

iPhone Speaker Replacement Near Rowlett

iPhones have two speakers, Ear Speaker and Loud Speaker. iPhone Ear Speaker Replacement is needed if you can’t hear people during calls or other person’s voice is low and fading. iPhone Loud Speaker Replacement is needed if you can’t hear any sound while playing Music or Videos.

iPhone Button Replacement Near Rowlett

It is common for iPhone buttons to become non-functional over the life time of device. Liquid Damage or drop of iPhone can damage buttons. If you have broken, non functional or damaged iPhone Home Button, iPhone Power Button, iPhone Volume Button or iPhone Mute Button. Call us for iPhone Button Replacement near you.